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Rainbow Rapture has been out now on XBLIG for a couple of weeks and the response has been awesome. Here’s a few quotes from some of my favorite reviews:

“The juxtaposition of these really simple, pretty colours and the constant ranting of a primal God beast destroying the world really kicks a lot of ass.” – XboxHornet.

“Maybe – just maybe – ‘misanthropic cloud-rainbow’ will become a new archetype for video game protagonists. Here’s to hoping.” – GayGamer.

“80 MS points are a small price to pay for the pot of gold you’ll find at the end of this rainbow.” – VideoGamerRob.

“At 80 Microsoft Points, this game is a must download.” – Yet Another Gaming Show.

Hands down, though, my favorite review has got to be from TJ at Classic Game Room. I think he had as much fun with our goofy Rainbow concept as we did:

Happy 2012! Ring in the new year and the impending end times with Rainbow Rapture on Xbox Live Indie Games! It’s the same apocalyptic good fun from WP7 but now with more green A buttons! Click here to download the demo (and spare yourself the trouble of finding the Indie Game section in the new Xbox dashboard).

screen2 Rainbow Rapture out now on Xbox Live Indie Games

…Oh hey, guys. Remember that Mango update for Rainbow Rapture we’ve been promising? Didn’t you hear? We released it last week! Here’s what WPCentral had to say about it: **SPOILER ALERT** We love you!

In this very special Mango flavored update we:

  • Added fast app switching so you can check that text without losing your place.
  • Slathered on some Mango butter and improved the framerate.
  • Added a live tile to help you keep track of your carnage.
  • Added more levels to the end so those leaderboard high scores can keep growing.
  • Added special ringtones and wallpapers for paying members of the Rainbow nation.
  • And we fixed a leaderboard crash bug. Because even we make mistakes.

…it might look something like this.

santa If we made a Xmas version of Rainbow Rapture...

It’s probably best that we stay away from the holidays.

Rainbow Rapture: 3 weeks of numbers

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Rainbow Rapture has now hit the 3 week old mark and what a 3 weeks it’s been. Rainbow Rapture has been the most successful game for the Kindling Games team and we’re excited to continue to give our fans more features and goodies in an attempt to thank you guys for your support (more on that later).

Here’s what has happened these last three weeks: according to Microsoft’s data as of about a week ago our downloads have reached over 14,000! In this time we’ve been written up by WPCentral, hit #27 on the Marketplace’s top free list (and gaining every day), and had over 200 people review our game giving us 4 1/2 stars!

In an indie effort to be open and honest, we thought it’d be a good point to share some data. The download data lags behind about a week but we’ve gotten a pretty good idea of our players and player data from our ads.

uniques1 e1318266361431 Rainbow Rapture: 3 weeks of numbers

This chart is by far my favorite. According to our Smaato ad data, we’ve served ads to about 12,800 unique players. More importantly, though, we have around 2000 unique players getting served ads daily. That means 16% of our player base is playing our game daily! The second chart also shows us that the 2000 players are playing the game roughly 13000 times, which averages out to the daily player playing our game 6.5 times per day!

Now, granted, trying to count players by ads served certainly leads to an imprecise number. However, even if we assume the numbers are inflated by 20%, we’re still very happy with how well our game has been received and how extremely high the retention has been.

The next two charts are just data on who our players are – where they are from and what devices they are playing on. You can see that most of our players are from the U.S. and are playing on an Omnia 7 (I’m guessing that the Samsung Focus is included in that bucket).


countries e1318266425321 Rainbow Rapture: 3 weeks of numbers


devices e1318266470231 Rainbow Rapture: 3 weeks of numbers

That sums up the three weeks of data for Rainbow Rapture. We’re excited to continue to see the number of players grow as we get higher and higher on the marketplace. Also, be on the lookout for new features coming your way!

Our first update for Rainbow Rapture is now live! Here’s a list of all the stuff we did:

  • We saw that many of you thought Rainbow was too floaty, so we threw a few extra pounds on him. He should feel much faster and more responsive now. Try out the new tuning and let us know what you think.
  • We’re pretty sure we’ve fixed the mystery loading crash, but if you still see it, please give us all the details you can.
  • We got rid of the teeny mile markers that were cluttering up the place. Instead, we left it to Rainbow to shout out your distance every 50 miles — because if there’s one thing that Rainbow likes almost as much as eating people, it’s shouting.
  • We made the UI buttons feel more button-y.
  • We fixed a little visual bug with the SFX meter that an eagle-eyed reviewer noticed — Thanks Blooded Cat!
  • …And we cleaned up a few other little odds and ends.

Now that we’ve got that out of our system, we’re busy working on our next update. I’ll give you a sneak peek:

challenge Rainbow Rapture 1.1

That’s right. Prepare to be challenged.

So Rainbow Rapture’s been out for a week now, and much like Rainbow himself, we’ve had our ups and downs. Or as I put it earlier in the week:

c5b8eaea6ba63f22c1105808fb6fed48a117d9ac m Riding the rainbow coaster

On the downside, a handful of you have reported a mystery crash where the game won’t load. This has been incredibly frustrating to track down — we’re still not sure why it’s only happening to some of you and we’ve never been able to recreate the crash ourselves. However, after a good deal of teeth-gnashing and code-flailing, we think we’ve tracked it down. We’ll have an update ready to go to certification in the next couple of days, so with luck we’ll get it approved quickly and be ready to push out the update by next weekend.

On the upside, seeing everyone’s marketplace reviews has been awesome! It’s always nice to hear compliments — you guys have made me smile — but it’s also really motivating to hear back on exactly what kind of changes and extras you want to see. I already have too many favorite quotes to post here. Point is, we’ve heard you, and we’ve got some things in store that should make you happy. Thanks for the feedback! And don’t be a stranger now, you hear?

The Rapture is upon us!

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The believers have been counting down to this day and it has finally arrived. Proof that rainbows are truly of divine origin!

Rainbow Rapture is now available for free on Windows Phone 7! Get it here: click me!

RainbowRapture13 The Rapture is upon us!

If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7, there’s no need to despair… yet. We’ll be unleashing Rainbow on Xbox LIVE Indie Games soon.

Psst. While everyone was distracted by E3, I snuck out some early screenshots of Kindling’s next game, now in development.

It’s just a normal, rainbow-filled day in the city…

RB1 Rainbow has a funny way of saying hello

Uh, hold on — what are you doing, Rainbow?

RB2 Rainbow has a funny way of saying hello

Sneak peak of what’s boiling

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Hey all!
We’re working really hard to churn out a new game within the next month or so. The quick iteration is a new thing for the team and we’re all excited to see what we can do. We’ve already gotten our first playable and it’s only downhill from there! Here’s some artwork from Andrea to give you a little taste. More to come soon!

rainbow e1305436189211 Sneak peak of whats boiling